Kumejima Island by Area

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Kume Island is a large island with many sights and places to visit. It is also a land with long history and traditions. Kume Island is officially divided into more than thirty aza (neighborhoods) in addition to regions and other classifications. The map you see above, and my classifications are based off of offical lines, but have been reorganized into fewer areas for your convinience. Find out what each area has in store for you!

KumeGuide Areas

  • Aka Area MapAka

    The Aka Area is located in the northeast area of Kume Island and includes Black Rock Forest Park.

  • Aka Area MapEef

    The Eef Area is the popular tourist area along Eef Beach and includes many restaurants, shops, and hotels.

  • Gima Area MapGima

    Gima is the largest area stretching from the southern peninsula through Ara Beach and up through the center of the island.

  • Gushikawa Area MapGushikawa

    The Gushikawa Area is located in the northwest of the island and includes Miifugaa and Gushikawa Castle.

  • Higa Area MapHiga

    Higa sits in the low plain between Tunnaha Castle and the Eef Area, including one of the more populous areas.

  • Hiyajo Area MapHiyajo

    Hiyajo is named for the high cliffs in the northwest of Kume Island.

  • Kanegusuku Area MapKanegususuku

    Kanegusuku is the most populous area on Kumejima, with several ports, schools, and other stores.

  • Madomari Area MapMadomari

    Madomari is home to the old ferry terminal as well as the Sonami Beacon and Namida Rock.

  • Maja Area MapMaja

    Maja is home to many sights, industries, and cultural activities including the Tsumugi Pavilion, Deep Sea Water Research Institute, and Tenkougu Shrine.

  • Ohara Area MapOhara

    Ohara is a large plain on the eastern side of Kumejima mostly consisting of farms, though there are many attractions here as well. The Airport, Cypress Hotel, and other Natural Attractions are located here.

  • Oo Area MapOo

    Oo Island and Oha Island comprise this small area, still you'll find beautiful beaches, Bade Haus, and more here.

  • Ota Area MapOta

    Ota is the central area in Kumejima. The protected Ramsar Wetlands are located in this area.

  • Shimajiri Area MapShimajiri

    Shimajri is the southern-most area, forming the point to the south. This area is still mostly natural with great hiking around the Bird's Mouth Rock.

  • Torishima Area MapTorishima

    Torishima is a largely populated area adjoining the Kanegusuku Area. You'll find many great shops and restaurants here.

  • Uegusuku Area MapUegusuku

    Uegusuku Area covers the northern shore of Kume Island down to Uegusuku Mountain. The home of the tallest sighted castle in Okinawa.

  • Uezu Area MapUezu

    Uezu is an area of rising elevation and fertile grouns. Named for the historic Uezu House.

  • Yamagusuku Area MapYamagusuku

    Yamagusuku is a small area between the east and west sides of the island. Just south of the main road you can find the Shisa Pottery Studio Yachimun.

  • Zenda Area MapZenda

    Zenda is a small coastal area to the south of Eef Beach.