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What is Aka.ms/RemoteConnect?

https://aka.ms/remoteconnect  website permits individuals to play Minecraft whenever they want with others who have another device than their own.

Aka.ms/remoteconnect site is a perfect and hassle-free way to play Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch and PS4. To play it on any other non-Microsoft device, the users will require registering and then logging into a Microsoft account.

Microsoft permits Minecraft remote connect players to continue the play on several devices like the Mac, Switch, PS4, and Windows PC. They could play on smartphones either iOS or Android as well with their own Microsoft account login. 

How to Set up Remote Connect on Xbox One?

On your console:

  1. Click on the Xbox button on the controller to open up the guide.
  2. Visit Profile & System > Settings > Devices & connections > Remote features.
  3. Check out the box to capacitate remote attributes.
  4. Under the Power mode, choose Instant-on.

On a mobile device:

  1. Open the Xbox application.
  2. Choose the My Library option and then choose Consoles.
  3. For ms remote connect,  go to “My consoles” and choose Connect underneath the console you desire to connect to. 

How to Setup Cross-play Engine Xbox?

  1. Pay a visit to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox or 360 One.
  2. Go round the download search.
  3. Now, look for the remote connect Minecraft for Xbox One.
  4. It is absolutely free to download once you have Minecraft: the Xbox One Edition.
  5. Commence the Minecraft game.
  6. Follow up with the screen’s instructions to set up the cross-play with other contestants, who already set up the Cross-play attribute on their device. 

How to Setup Remote Connect on PS4?

  1. Switch on your PS4 console or otherwise put it into the rest mode.
  2. Open up PS Remote Play on the mobile device, and after that, choose the “Sign In to PSN” option.
  3. Log in with that similar account that you actually use for the PS4 console.
  4. Choose PS4. 

The application searches for the PS4 console that you have set up while setting up your PS4 console. After the successful connection, the PS4 console’s screen displays on the PC or mobile device, and after that you can commence utilizing Remote Play.

You will be capable of choosing the console from the second time onwards that you have connected to previously.

How to Setup Minecraft Cross-Play On Your PS4

  1. Call in on Nintendo shop on your PS4 console or Sony PlayStation store.
  2. On PS4: Input “Minecraft PS4” and for PS4 hit on the download Minecraft.
  3. Register for the account of Microsoft User.
  4. On your device, visit the Minecraft home screen, and then, for signing in, strike on the appearing option.
  5. Click on the link,  it will redirect you from Login page to the remote connection.
  6. Take a note of the activation code of eight-digit. You will need this code to make your account activated on the official site of aka.ms remoteconnect.
  7. Open up your own web browser and then visit https://aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Nintendo Switch
  8. You could do this on your own mobile browser or Mac/Windows browser.
  9. On the console screen, enter a code.
  10. Hit on the “Next” button.
  11. Follow up the guidance visible on the screen to accomplish the processing to log in. 

How to Setup Remote Connect on Nintendo Switch?

USB connection pairing

  1. Inside the dock, place down the Nintendo Switch console.
  2. Make the connection of the Pro Controller to the dock along with the comprised USB cable (model number is HAC-010).

Wireless pairing or Button pairing

  1. From HOME Menu, choose Controllers. After that, choose the options of Change Grip and Order.
  2. While the following screen is broadcast, press down and hold the SYNC button for a minimum of one second, at least on the Pro Controller you want to pair with.

How to Setup Minecraft Cross-Play On Nintendo Switch

  1. On Nintendo Switch: Try to find “Minecraft” and strike on the option to download Minecraft for Switch.
  2. Sign up for Microsoft User account.
  3. Visit the remote connect Minecraft home screen and tap on the option to log in.
  4. Click on the link, and you will get access to the remote connection from the Login page.
  5. Note down the eight-digit activation code. Then activate your own account on the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect Nintendo Switch sign in.
  6. Open up your web browser and go to https://aka.ms/remoteconnect. You could do this on any browser.
  7. On your console screen, enter that code.
  8. Tap on the “Next” button.
  9. Read out the guidance visible on the screen to complete the log-in process.  

What is https//aka.ms/remoteconnect Error?

When you’re trying on your Microsoft account, later, the “https//aka-ms/remote connect” error is anticipated. Lately Minecraft was commuting to the Microsoft platform.

There are loads of exceptional services on this platform. It is a significant game for people who enjoy building stuff. However, when you log in the first time or use one account on several consoles, you may face an error issue. The main objective of the error is to ensure that it’s your device as well as game data. However, fixing this https://aka.ms/remoteconnect account error is important to enjoy Minecraft.

Commonly the “https://aka.ms/remote connect” error is occurring on PS4, Nintendo, and other consoles. You could also confront this issue on your PC. Here we have discussed how to fix it using various methods. 

How to Solve https://aka.ms/remoteconnect account error?

Here we will talk about the fact on how to solve the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error. This guide will eventually offer you easy and quick solutions to this issue. Here are the distinctive approaches to rectify the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error. 

Minecraft Microsoft Account PS4:

With the steps given below, you can resolve Minecraft Microsoft Account PS4 errors with the platform.

  1. Firstly, go to the PS4 store. 
  2. After that, just hit on the download option. 
  3. Download the Minecraft game on your device. 
  4. Users need to get the paid version of the Minecraft game, leastwise, on one device. 
  5. Then, you could try the remote play attributes.
  6. Minecraft’s game PS4 version will provide you the option to log in utilizing a Microsoft account. 
  7. Hit on this option and then log in with your own email address and password. 
  8. After accomplishing the processing, you could access the remote connect data easily.
  9. You could effortlessly save the code from PS4. It is a basic requirement to execute the remote play attribute.
  10. We suggest it to every user who desires to play on several devices. On your device, you can try it out. Go to the official site of remote connect to fix the issue. 

XBOX Cross-Play Issue:

The solution for Xbox Cross-Play issues is quite simple. Here are the straightforward steps to begin Xbox Cross-Play promptly on your devices. 

  • If you wish to play remotely, at that point, you need to visit the link for Xbox setup, i.e., https://aka.ms/xboxsetup
  • The official website will exhibit the code for the remote play attribute. Users need to have their own Microsoft account. 
  • Users need to sign in their free to utilize Microsoft account on this site. It is a basic prerequisite for your Xbox.
  • It is truly simple to commence remote play on your own device. Users, kindly go to the following link – https//aka.ms/remote connect Nintendo Switch
  • You need to have your own Microsoft account to get this super feature. Hence, create a new one or sign in via the free account.
  • Users need to enter the code for remote play, which will be obtainable on your Xbox screen. 
  • The site will directly load the Microsoft Minecraft game once you input the code for remote play.  


Aka.ms remoteconnect permits the players to continue the Minecraft game on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, this site permits you to enjoy the game online with your playmates utilizing other devices. Simply input the code from your own application or device. And of course, https://Aka.ms.remoteconnect is an absolutely safe & secure website by Microsoft.

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