Oroshi Supermarket

おろし ス-パー

Oroshi Super Exterior

Oroshi Supermarket is a small, locally run store in the Eff Beach area catering to both tourists and locals with a wide variety of items not found elsewhere on the island. The store is on the corner of the Joho Plaza which is a parking area fronting a community center, Kiyose Izekaya, and several other restaurants. It is also just accross the street from the area CoCo Convinience store. This store has a wide variety of local products perfect for omiyage. Even better, they are cheaper here than many other places on the island.

Oroshi Supermarket also has a wide selection of frozen and foreign items including salsa, tortillas, and even foreing beer and alchohol. You will be able to find everything from fresh vegetables to laundry necessities, though their selection of perishable goods is understandably limited.