Daruma Mountain Park

Black Rock Forest Park

Daruma Mountain Park is a large open area east of Daruma Mountain near the Nishime Neighborhood. The area includes expansive grass grounds, toilets, awnings, walking paths, and many flowers. To the north, there is a great view of Uegusuku Castle and the Self Defense Force Radar station. Nearby there is also a large water reservoir.

The park's is the location of the annual Sakura Festival in late winter. Many of the surrounding trees are cherry trees and more are added each year.

Black Rock Forest Park

Different kinds of flowers bloom throughout the year providing interesting views at all seasons. There are roads and hidden paths to walk where you can view nature in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Daruma Mountain Park is perfect for a relaxing picnic.

Just down the road between the main park and Otake Elementary School, (turn west along the reservoir). You will find a great driving path with green trees, picnic tables, and playground equipment as well.

Black Rock Forest Park

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