Parks and Rest Areas

Kume Island's ample rain provides numerous green places to enjoy an afternoon. Parks ranging from huge expanses of sea-side grass to out of the way benches and tables are spread throughout Kume Island.


  • Daruma Mountain ParkDaruma Mountain Park

    Daruma Mountain Park is located in the central part of Kumejima, with access from the Gushikawa and Nishime Neighborhoods.

  • Furiai ParkFuriai Park

    Furiai Park is located in the South of Kumejima in the Nakadomari neighborhood and is where the Kumejima Festival takes place.

  • Shirase River ParkShirase River Garden Park

    A walking course and nature park along both banks of the Shirase River in the Kanegusuku Area.

  • Tachijami ParkTachijami Nature Park

    Tachijami Nature Park is located on Kumejima's North Shore, with parking area, and a beautiful walk along waterfalls and more.

  • Tunnaha Forest ParkTunnaha Forest Park

    Tunnaha Forest Park is located high on Tunnaha mountain. It is a tiered park with large fields, pavilions, and breathtaking views.

  • Zenda ParkZenda Park

    Zenda Park is a sprawling, child-friendly park high in the mountains of the Zenda Area.

Rest Areas

  • Ara Forest Path

    Ara Forest Path is a road that stretches through the mountains in the southern peninsula on Kume Island. The road is lined by cherry trees, so in the spring there are beautiful blossoms along the way.

  • Black Rock Forest ParkBlack Rock Forest

    Black Rock Forest is in the Northeast part of the island. This hidden spot is a great place to rest or gaze out on the north sea.

  • Hiyajo CliffHiyajo Cliff

    Hiyajo Cliff is along the North Shore of Kume Island. There is an overlook and store with amazing views.

  • Hiyajo CliffKanshin Dam

    Part of Kume Island's Wetland Preserves, the Kanshin Dam Area has a beautiful lake and limited walkways near the Five-Root Tree.

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