Ara Beach

Ara Beach Rivlet

Ara Beach is a secluded white sand beach on the the western shore of Kumejima's penninsula. Access to the beach is via several twisting back roads that lead south from the main road. Drive past the Sugar Factory and you will see markers pointing you south and east, over a small river and up into the mountains before decending again to the parking area before the beach.

Ara Beach NorthThere are no restroom facilities (while there is a restroom building it is not currently in operation). You'll find a wide stretch of remote island beach with spectacular views of the Ara mountains. This beach is only partially protected by outer coral reefs so there is a higher surf. If you time things well, you might even spot the ferries on their way between Kumejima and Naha.

Ocean Shrine

Ara Beach NorthFrom the parking area you might spot a small building to the left. Behind the building is a path that will lead to a large tree. Under the tree is a small shrine at which priestesses pray during historically important times throughout the year.

The small building under the tree protects the main shrine while a small concrete shelter protects the rocks in which the sea kami reside. Local priestesses make offerings of sake and rice there.

Ara Beach South

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