Oo Island Campground

Oo Island Campground

Oo Island is located just off of Kume Island and is connected by a bridge. Oo Island Campground provides a great balance between facilities and the rustic settings of a campground. With many tree-shaded areas, easy access to the ocean, and its unique placement, Oo Island campground is a great good place to relax with friends or family.

Oo Island CampgroundThe campground is located right next to the Bade Haus and is administered by them. There are tent rentals, showers, restrooms, and barbecue facilities available at a reasonable price. The famous Tatami Rock Formation is nearby and the entire island is ringed by white sand beaches.



Oo Island Campground has a lot to offer. Here's a list of services with applicable prices. All fees can be paid at the Bade Haus front desk.

For pictures of rental equipment visit http://www.bade-kumejima.co.jp/camp/top.html (in Japanese).

*Please note that pets are not allowed- Shinri Beach Campground allows pets.*



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