The local government puts a lot of effort into providing functional and useful facilities for locals and tourists. Throughout Kumejima you'll find places to relax, explore, run, and celebrate.

  • Kumejima AirportKumejima Airport

    Kumejima Airport is on the extreme west end of Kume Island. UEO is the airport code. Within are several stores and a restaurant.

  • Firefly DomeFirefly Dome

    (Ohara Area) The firefly dome is a multi-purpose sports facility with wieghts, batting nets, and fake turf that is the starting point of many yearly events.

  • Kumejima Baseball Stadium

    (Ohara Area) Kumejima's baseball stadium hosts the Rakuten Eagles during their spring training, along with many other events throughout the year.

  • Sea-side Park Golf

    (Gima Area) A new ground-style golf course along Kume Island's scenic southern coast. Enjoy a morning or afternoon of relaxing play.

  • Nakazato Ground

    (Eef Beach Area) The Nakazato is another multipurpose sports facility with track, baseball fields, and other attractions.

  • Deep Sea Water Research Institute (OTEC Plant)

    (Maja Area) The Prefectural Deep Sea Water Research Institute is focused on finding new uses for mineral-rich deep sea water and is the home of the new OTEC Power plant.

  • Kumejima HospitalMedical Facilities

    Kumejima has one hospital, one clinic, and several other health care facilities. If you need emergency attention please go to the hospital in the Kanegusuku Area.

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