Lucky Gate

Lucky Gate is the name of a local video rental shop on Kume Island. There are actually two branches, one in the Ohara Area, north on route 242, and in the Eef Area just north of the Eef Beach parking area.

In addition to video rentals, the Eef Area Lucky Gate also rents scooters

Contact Information

Phone: +81 098-985-8195 (Some English Okay)


Email: Use This Form (Japanese only please. Need Help?

Scooter Rentals

Since Kume Island is relatively large, having an easy way to get around is important if you want to see everything. On Sunny days, a scooter can be a fun and convinient way to travel. Scooters are available in several time incriments and include helmets. You'll need a Japanese driver's liscense or an international permit to rent a scooter.


3 hours: 2,000 yen

6 hours: 2,500 yen

12 hours: 3,000 yen

24 hours: 3,500 yen

Insurance: 500 yen

Helmet: Included

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