Kume Island has a wealth of fresh and delicious food with truly eclectic influences. Before fusion ever became popular in New York restaurants, Okinawa was a melting pot of Chinese and Japanese influences. Today is no different, with local food reflecting interesting and unique takes on Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, and even some American dishes.


There are many restaurants throughout Kumejima. Some specialize in the fresh seafood available here, while others do decent burgers and other foreign food. Expect more info to follow as this page is still under construction.

  • Haifan FrontHaifan

    Haifan is a large Chinese style restaurant serving a wide selection of favorites including great lunch sets.

  • Hana Kume RestaurantHana Kume

    Hana Kume (Flower Kumejima) is a Japanese style restaurant with traditional Japanese, table, and bar seating with a menu of delicious food.

  • Kiyose Izekaya FrontKiyose Izekaya

    Kiyose is a modern izekaya and grill featuring amazing gyoza, Mexican influences, and Kumejima beef.

  • Pon Poko PonPonPokoPon

    A small izekaya with bar and traditional seating along the main road in Higa.

  • Restaurant RyuRestaurant Ryu

    A Japanese restaruant and izekaya with a wide range of great food.

  • Yansho FrontYanguwa Soba

    A traditional Okinawan restaurant in the home of a local family. It is open for only a short time each day, so plan ahead if you want to try their great soup. It was selected as Japan's Best Okinawan Soba in 2015.

  • O2 Happy

    A small okinawan cafe run by comedian Kojima Yoshio's mother. It was featured on the popular Japanese reform show "Before After."

  • Nantoshokurakuen

    Located right across from Kume Island Resort, Nantoshokurakuen is popular with both locals and tourists and provides a wide range of food including Kumejima specialties. Highly Recommended.

  • Umi Bozu / Nanbika

    Located next to each other in the Eef Beach Area, just past Marine Terrace Hotel, both offer izekaya fare.

  • ...and more!

Markets and Shops

There are also many places to buy local and imported food and beverages. We are working to expand our list.

  • CoCo Convinience Store

    One of two convinience stores is located just a few hundred feet from Eef Beach.

  • Oroshi Supermarket

    A family shop with an interesting mix of local and foreing goods. There is a large freezer and omiyage section.

  • Gyomu Shouten
  • JA Kumejima Co-op
  • Oyatsumura Gifts

    Oyatsumura is a small family-run shop specializing in omiyage and hand made Okinawan black sugar candy. It's just north of the main route 89 in the Higa Area.

  • Ajima Pavilion Shop

    There is a small shop in the Ajima Pavilion that sells traditional Okinawan shirts with tsumugi and other patterns.

  • Five-Root Tree Shop

    Next to the Goedano Matsu parking area is a small shop with cheap souvinirs, drinks, and snacks for those visiting the amazing tree.

  • ...and more!
  • Nightlife

    There are many places to spend your evening on Kumejima, from fine hotels to karaoke, izekayas (Japanese grills), snacks (hostess bars), clubs and more.

    • Spiral Reggae Bar
    • ...and more!

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