Nakachi Sumo Competition


Students competing in Sumo

This year's event is scheduled for September 19, 2015.

Like the other six yearly Okinawan sumo competitions on Kume Island, the Nakachi event is a chance for locals to come to gether in a fun way that both builds community and provides entertainment. Each year the Nakachi Okinawan Sumo competition takes place north along the 242, just north of Chinbe Dunchi at a park with a sand area for the competition.

Adult SumoIn 2013 the cometition will occur on September 9, and start in the early evening with elementary, junior high, and highschool competitions, followed by the adult competitions later at night. Nakachi is the last sumo competition of the year, and brings competitiors from around Okinawa. If you're in town during the festival, stop by to see how the competition is both offering to the local spirits and entertainment for the masses.

2012 winners

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