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This year's event is scheduled for October 25, 2015

The Kume Island marathon is a yearly event that brings participants from all over the world. 2014 marks the 26th Anniversary of this great event that spans the scenic island. The Kumejima Marathon offers a Full Marathon for 16 year olds and up as well as half, 10km, and 5km runs. (Participants under 18 need parental consent).

Race Time Limit Entry Fee
Marathon (42.195km) 7 hours 4,000yen
Half 3.5 hours 4,000yen
10km 2 hours 3,500yen
5km 1.5 hours 3,500 yen

*There is a discount for High School students. Half, 10k, or 5k is 2,000 yen.*

**Entry Fee includes sports insurance**


Registration opens in mid-June.


13:00 to 19:30 -Senshu Uketsuke. Participant Registration


7:20 - Kaikaishiki. Ceremony at Nakazato ground.

7:30 - Full Marathon Start

9:00 - Half Marathon Start

9:10 - 10km Start

9:30 - 5km start

15:00 - Friendship Party (live entertainment, food, and more)


Participants are divided into one of 24 classes based on age and gender. The age separation is 5 years. General particpants include ages 16-29 with the 30 year old class including those participants from 30-34 years old. The classes increase every 5 years until age 80 and up.


Registration will open in mid-June. There are several ways to enter.

  1. Postal Transfer- You can send the application form and entry fee via your nearest post office. (Physical copies accepted, no electronic version).
  2. Travel Agent- many travel agents in Japan offer marathon tours that will cover your travel, stay, and registration process.
  3. Internet- Apply via the homepage at http://kumejima-marathon.com (jp)
  4. Family Mart: You can apply via the Family Mart Kiosk (FamiPort) at Family Mart convinience stores.
  5. Locals can apply directly to the Marathon Office

**The registration period was from June 24 to September 17 (2014) for Internet, Travel Agent, and Family Mart applications. Post applications must be postmarked by September 24.**

*If the tournament is stopped due to bad weather, natural disastors or other reasons the entry fee will not be refunded.*


Awards are presented to the top three competitors in each of the 24 classes. There are also overall prizes for the top Full and Half marathon participants in both mens and womens.

General Participants will recieve a tshirt, finisher certificate with rank, finisher medal, and lunch ticket.

High School Participants recieve the same as above, but without a lunch ticket.

Friendship Party

Every year, the end of the Marathon is celebrated with awards for the participants as well as a large party with performances.

In 2011, there were Tunnaha Eisa and Hula performances along with other attractions for the Furiai Party. If you are feeling adventerous, run the marathon in a costume and you might win the costume award presented during the celebrations!

For participants awamori and softdrinks are provided free of charge. There are other refreshments and food available for sale.

Important Notes

Legal Notices

Participants acknowledge the following items when applying for the tournament

  1. The Organizer takes no liablility or responsibility for loss, theft, accident, diseases or other issues except for first aid.
  2. Applications cannot be changed or cannceled.
  3. If false declaration of age, sex, apperance, or applicant occurs that application will be canceled.
  4. Entry fees will not be refuneded for stormy weather, earthquakes, wind, flood damage, accidents, excess payment, duplicate payment, items 2 and 3 above, or other reasons.
  5. Publication rights such as TV, newspapers, magazines, internet video, photographs, articles or records of the tournament belongs to the organizer.


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