Deep Sea Water Dream Festival


DSW Sweepstakes

This year's event is scheduled for June 14, 2015

OTEC InitializationA large portion of Kume Island's industry revolves around the Deep Sea Water resources extracted from the Okinawa Deep Sea Water Research Institute. With 19 companies developing products from the mineral rich waters there's a lot to show and celebrate. Every year in June the Deep Sea Water Association comes together to highlight the many products to locals and visitors alike. In 2013 the day also marked the Initialization of the Ocean Thermal Energy Demonstration Facility.

DSW massageThis smaller festival takes place at the Deep Sea Water Tourism Center (Fureai-kan) next to the reseach institute in the Maja Area. While the schedule and included events will change each year, the variety of products available for showcase and the support of multiple companies ensures a fun event for all attendees. The world's only fully operational OTEC facility is open for tours as is the Research Institute.

Past events have included massages (provided by the staff of Bade Haus), cosmetic samples, a deep sea foot bath, deep sea water products for sale (including vegetables grown in cooled soil, salt, sea grapes, and kuruma prawns) at discounted prices, sweepstakes, live music and far more.

The previous year, mozuku was served in a long deep-sea water trough. It was exciting to try to catch the delicious seaweed as it floated past the guests.


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