Kumejima Leisure Walk


Hiyajo Cliffs

Date : TBD

Every year, Kumejima hosts vistors from around Japan and beyond for the Leisure Walk. A popular way for people to experience Kumejima and get healthy, the leisure walk is similar to a marathon, with courses and registration, but without the competition or speed. Participants can travel their selected course at their own speed and enjoy Kumejima's natural beauty.

The Nonbiri Walk takes place in mid-January. Although advanced registration is open, you can register at the event as well. Come explore and meet new people.


Saturday 1/18

  • 32km
  • 16km
  • 10km
  • 5km

Sunday 1/19

  • 21km
  • 12km
  • 5km


Adults: 1,000 yen per day

Children: 500 yen for elementary and below per day

Includes course map, participant identification, award and insurance.


Website (jp)

Telephone: 098-896-7010

Hiyajo Cliffs
Hiyajo Cliffs
Hiyajo Cliffs

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